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Have a question?  Check the Details page first, as it contains most of information you need. But if you can’t find your answer, go ahead and contact us and we will respond as soon as possible!

Common Questions:

I am having trouble renewing my USAC license.  We hear you and feel for you. But we can’t help you, sorry! You will need to contact USAC directly.

My club is missing or incorrect!  Your club affiliation comes from your USAC profile. If it’s incorrect, please log into the USAC web site and click on My Profile (your name in the upper right hand of the page), then on the left side of the page, click on Update Profile. If your club is not listed, they may not have yet paid USAC this year’s dues. If after you update your USAC profile (or if it is already correct) BRAC may not have your club information correct. Send an email to [email protected], include your USAC license number and ask for your club affiliation to be updated. 

I haven’t received my start time! We sent it but it may have gotten stuck in your SPAM or JUNK folders. If it’s not there, log into the USAC web site and check to see if your email address is correct. If not, update it on the USAC site. Next update your information for your KHMTT registration, go to https://khmtt.com/address-change/ and make any needed changes.

Finally, you can see all the start times on this web site, just go to Start List.

My bib (and park pass) didn’t come in the mail! We have one extra bib for you, so come to the registration table at the park and you can pick up another bib. For the park pass, give it a few days then check back with us at the park. We have a list of everyone who purchased park passes and if it was lost in the mail, you can take a copy of our list to the park office and they may give you a replacement.

The dog ate my bib!  We have one extra bib for you, so come to the registration table at the park and you can pick up another bib. However, if Rover eats your new bib, you are out of luck! Sorry!

Something came up and I need to change my start time next week. No problem, come to the registration table at the park and we can do a one time or rest of the series bib/start time swap. We will need to hold your current bib until you are ready to swap back.

I had an accident and can’t race!  We are very sorry! We can’t refund you, but what we can do is provide you with a discount for next year’s race. Just email us with information on what happened and depending on how many races you were able to complete we will extend a discount for next year’s race.

I received an email saying that I don’t have a BRAC membership. I think I do!  Sometimes there is a disconnect between the USAC system and BRAC. Email Yvonne at [email protected] with your USAC license number and she can verify if you have a BRAC membership or not. If you do, she will email you back with a confirmation, then bring a copy of that email to the registration table at the park and we will release your bib to you. Sorry for the mixup!

When can I buy a Four-Pack? In lieu of four packs, racers will be able to purchase a minimum of four races (or the number of races remaining in the series) after the first race of the series. Example: after week one when there are six races remaining in the series, you may purchase four, five or six races. After week five when there are only two races left, you may purchase the two remaining races. Purchasing multiple races provides you with a set start time and bib number for all your races.

Can I buy just one race? If you can’t make it for the entire series, individual races may be purchased online via the KHMTT.com web site. Purchasing online allows you to pick your start time ahead of time. If the race is canceled due to weather, your purchase will be refunded. This only applies to the purchase of individual races.