Info Page for Chatbot

1,I am having trouble renewing my USAC license,”We do not have the ability to help you with your USAC license.
You can get help by emailing USAC at [email protected].”,3
2,I have not received my start time,”We sent you an email with your start time but it may have gotten stuck in your SPAM or JUNK folders.
If it is not there, we may not have your correct email address.
You can check the email address we have on file at Verify my Address and make any needed changes.
You can find your start time on the KHMTT website.
3,I lost or forgot my bib,”We have one extra bib for you, so come to the bib pickup table at the park and you can pick up another bib.
However, if you loose your new bib, you may have to be assigned a new start time as your start time is tied to your bib number.”,4
4,Something came up and I need to change my start time for next week or the rest of the series,”You can change your start time for the rest of the series or for just the next race. Go to Change My Start Time or Swap My Categories.“,5
5,When can I buy fewer than all seven races? ,”Racers will be able to purchase a minimum of four races (or the number of races remaining in the series) after the first race of the series. Example: after week one when there are six races remaining in the series, you may purchase four, five or six races. After week five when there are only two races left, you may purchase the two remaining races. Purchasing multiple races provides you with a set start time and bib number for all your races.”,7
6,Can I buy just one race?,”If you can not make it for the entire series, individual races may be purchased online via the web site.
Purchasing online allows you to pick your start time in advance. You cannot purchase a race at the park, however the registration webpage is smartphone friendly.
If the race is canceled due to weather, your purchase will be refunded. This only applies to the purchase of individual races.”,8
7,”I do not know which weeks I will be able to race, but I would like the same start time every week I race.”,”Not a problem. We have our Show and Go program where you can reserve a start time for the series, but only pay for the weeks you race.
The cost is $20 to reserve your start time, then we will charge your credit card $30 for each race you show up for (normal one day fee is $35).
Go to Show and Go Registration to get started.”,9
8,My club is missing or incorrect,”Your club affiliation comes from your USAC profile. Log into the USAC web site and check the club name listed.
If it is incorrect or missing, you can click on manage. If your club is not listed, they may not have yet paid there USAC club dues.”,1
11,I need to switch the order of the categories of my two races,”No problem, you can change your swap your categories for the rest of the series. Go to Change My Start Time or Swap My Categories.“,6
99,None of the above,,99
100,”I have never raced before, can you help me get started?”,”Racing in a time trial is fun and one of the safest ways to race a road bike. You can race one night in the KHMTT for only $20 and we will help you get started. We will help you every step of the way.

Learn More“,10
101,”I can’t afford the registration fee”,”You can race for free! You can volunteer to work one shift, and race during the other shift. The KHMTT holds a safety record second to none in large part because of our many volunteers and supporters assisting racers, monitoring motor vehicles and directing traffic. Be a vital part the time trial series by being a volunteer and you can work and race the same night!

Learn More“,11
102,”I have an registration issue, what do I do?”,”If your USAC license shows INVALID, it is either expired or there is an issue that needs to be rectified.
If we cannot locate your USAC license, either your license number is incorrect, expired, or not on the USAC license file that USAC provides us.
You can get help by emailing USAC at [email protected]
If you purchased your USAC race license in the past few days, that information may not be on the USAC file yet and should rectify itself in a day or two.”,5
103,I need to update my contact information,”You can update your contact information on the web at Change My Contact Information“,4