Rocky Mountain Road Cup


The KHMTT series is now part of the Rocky Mountain Road Cup competition.

The Rocky Mountain Road Cup is a season-long points competition for individuals and teams that consists of road racing, time trials, criteriums and hill climbs held throughout Colorado in the the spring and summer. These races bring the joy, challenge and excitement of road events to riders of all ages and abilities.

Your overall standings in your category during the series will be counted in the Road Cup.

Please note that for the KHMTT event, the age categories for the master categories are organized in five-year intervals, while the Rocky Mountain Road Cup utilizes ten-year intervals. To align with the cup categories, Bicycle Colorado will merge these two age categories into a single category.

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Rules for Individuals

  • Bicycle Colorado ANNUAL members who are licensed by USA CYCLING and are categorized as a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 may earn points in the Rocky Mountain Road Cup Individual Competition. All USA Cycling annual members who live in Colorado are automatically given a Bicycle Colorado annual racing membership at no charge ($40 value).
  • Riders are responsible to ensure that their correct category and club affiliation is on both their USAC and BikeReg profiles prior to registering for a particular race,or the integrity of results and Cup standings may be compromised.
  • Riders are encouraged to verify official results onsite and protest on race day. In most cases, results are considered final after the official protest period has concluded. Results are generally posted to the USAC website within 24 hours of the event’s conclusion. As per USAC rules, the official protest period will end 30 days after the completion of the event. Athletes may contact BC at [email protected] to protest results that have been published. All results are final after any issues reported within the 30-day period have been resolved.
  • Riders are encouraged to monitor the point standings on the Bicycle Colorado website, and submit questions to [email protected].
  • Points earned before annual USAC membership is obtained will not be counted in the rider’s points.
  • Pro license holders are welcome to compete in CUP events but are not eligible for points.



Men 1-2 Men 40+ 1-2-3 Women 40+ Men 9-10
Men 3 Men 40+ 4 Women 50+ Men 11-12
Men 4 Men 40+ 3 Women 60+ Men 13-4
Men 5 Men 50+ 1-2-3 Women 70+ Men 15-16
Women 1-2 Men 50+ 4   Men 17-18
Women 3 Men 60+   Women 9-10
Women 4 Men 70+   Women 11-12
Women 5     Women 13-14
      Women 15-16
      Women 17-18