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USAT Member Registration

Racer Information - Select a Category - Payment - Confirmation

USAC rules provide for each racer to be segregated into a category thus each racer is racing against other racers with the same approximate abilities.

Here you must use your best judgement as to which category would best fit your abilities.

Racers under 40 years of age may race in the following categories:

  • Cat 5 - beginners
  • Cat 4 - one or more years of racing experience
  • Pro/Cat 1/2/3 - accomplished or elite racer

Racers 40 or above may race in one of the above categories or may race in an age group category. When you race in an age category you are competing with other racers in your age range. Racing in a straight category you are competing with racers who are 18 or older. 

Which category should I select? In reality you are racing against yourself, trying to improve your time each week. However, we all enjoy competition, so try to pick a category that closely matches your ability.

  • If you have raced just a few times, Cat 5 (beginner) or Cat 4 would be appropriate
  • If you have raced for a number of years, and are fast on the bike, Pro/Cat 1/2/3 would put you with other faster racers and be more competitive
  • If you are 40 or above, consider an age category so you are not competing against other racers much younger than yourself
  • If you currently hold a USAC racing license, you will be offered categories at or above your current USAC category

The category selections listed below are the categories you qualify for based on your age and gender.

Please Select a Category For Your Race:

Retro Category: No time trial equipment is allowed. Time trial equipment includes aero bars, any rims deeper than 50mm, disk wheels, aero helmets, or flat tube frames. Skin suits and shoe covers are permitted. The Chief Referee will make the final decision on all retro equipment and accessories.