What’s New

Important Changes

  • USAC has eliminated the gearing requirement for juniors, no roll outs
  • Due to the agreement between USAC and Bicycle Colorado there is no longer a local association membership fee.

The Roads Have Been Resurfaced!

The park has resurfaced all of Tower Loop and a major section of East Lake View Road, up to where the park resurfaced the road on the west side a few years ago which will make racing at Cherry Creek State Park much easier on the body and faster!

Like to race for free?

The KHMTT holds a safety record second to none in large part because of our many volunteers and supporters assisting racers, monitoring motor vehicles and directing traffic. Be a vital part the time trial series by being a volunteer and you can work and race the same night!

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Never raced before and would like to try it?

Racing in a time trial is fun and one of the safest ways to race a road bike. You can race one night in the KHMTT for only $20 and we will help you get started.

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Show and Go - race only when you want to!

“Show and Go” allows you to reserve a start time for the remainder of the series, then on nights you want to race, just show up at the start line and go!

How it works:

  • You register for Show and Go
  • Select your start time
  • Pay the $20 ($24 for two races per night) start time reserve fee via credit card
  • The first night you race, come by the registration table and pick up your bib.
  • Go to the start line and race!
  • When you want to race again, just show up at the start line and race!

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Ebike Category

The KHMTT is introducing four new e-bike categories. The new categories are Men 19-39, Men 40+, Women 19-39 and Women 40+.

E-bikes may be Class 1 only and must adhere to the following:

  • No throttle
  • Freely operable pedaling system: rear wheel drive train of pedals, crank, chain, and gear system.
  • 750 watt or less motor (manufacturer’s label of compliance is the minimum standard)
  • Motor engages only with pedaling
  • Motor assistance cut off at 20 mph (32 kmh)
  • A single battery
  • Limited start assist (no pedaling) up to 4 mph (6 kmh)

The e-bike should have a label on the frame indicating it is a class 1 e-bike showing the max wattage and speed (example: 350w 20 MPH) or the racer must be able to verify to the Chief Referee that the bike does conform to the above requirements. The Chief Referee will make the final decision on e-bike qualifications.

Route to parking

Because of the extension of the course onto Swim Beach Access Road, vehicles entering the park going to the Smoky Hill Parking area are requested to use the East Boat Access Road (the road where the start line is located) to Swim Beach Access Road, then turn left to the Smoky Hill parking area.  That will prevent vehicles from driving on the actual course as racers approach the finish line.  To see the new vehicle route, go to What You Need to Know,