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Bib Placement and Pinning

Note: Cherry Creek State Park is requiring the timing vehicle to park in a designated place on the LEFT side of the road.
Bibs must be pinned on the LEFT side.

Important: The race number must be pinned correctly on the LEFT side. If the number is obstructed by hair or otherwise hidden from the view of the spotter or timers, then you may not receive time and any protest is invalid.

  • Position the front edge of the bib approximately two inches below the armpit seam on your jersey’s LEFT side panel
  • Insert one pin, align the bib based on your riding style then insert the remaining five pins
  • If someone is pinning your bib while you are wearing your jersey, be sure to lean forward into your aero position
  • Push the safety pin into the bib and jersey then back out of the jersey and bib so the pin lays flat against the bib (This will keep the bib from flapping in the wind)
  • Do not use the pre-punched holes instead, “flat-pin” it along its edges

Don’t place your bib in the middle!

​Do not crumple your bib! Some believe that the bib lies flatter and is more aerodynamic however there are several disadvantages:

  • The official Spotter at the finish line may not be able to read your number
  • A crumpled bib has more edges, and therefore more wind drag

Note: It is illegal to fold your bib and/or make it smaller

Personnel (and safety pins) will be available at the COBRAS tent in the Smoky Hill lot to help pin bibs.

Six safety pins: One in each corner and one along each of the side edges.