What You Need to Know


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  • You must obey all USAC rules and Colorado State Laws. That includes riding to the right of the road and never crossing the centerline.
  • You must know the course. On our website you will find a course map and GPS files that you can use to navigate the course.
  • You must not warm up on the course once the race has started. If a marshal or USAC official sees you, you will be disqualified.
  • You must be aware of other park users, this is an open course. Be courteous, we are guests of CCSP and must respect all other park users.
  • You are responsible for your own safety. Our marshals and traffic control personnel will do their best to warn you of any vehicle, pedestrian, or bicycle traffic but you are responsible to look both ways when crossing an intersection or coming up to a crosswalk.
  • You must read and understand the KHMTT flyer. The race flyer is now part of our website (this page) and it contains all the details about the series. Most questions we receive are covered on this page, read it and know it before you register.
  • You must arrive at the park on time and be at the start line on time. If you arrive at the park late due to circumstances not under your control, see us at the table behind the Smoky Hill parking lot and we will do our best to reschedule your start time, but there are no guarantees.
  • You must pin your bib correctly. Our spotter and timing crew do not have x-ray vision. If they cannot easily see your bib number, they may not be able to give you your time. You may want to consider yelling out your bib number as you go by the spotter, located just after the last turn towards the finish. We have detailed instructions on how and where to pin your bib here.
  • You must.verify your own results.  If you believe your results are incorrect or they are not posted, you may contact us and request a review. Click here and scroll down to Other, and My time for my last race is incorrect or missing and there you may fill out a form requesting the review.

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Category Fee Category Fee
Junior Men   Junior Women  
  Men 9-10* 60.00   Women 9-10* 60.00
  Men 11-12* 60.00   Women 11-12* 60.00
  Men 13-14* 60.00   Women 13-14* 60.00
  Men 15-16* 60.00   Women 15-16* 60.00
  Men 17-18* 60.00   Women 17-18* 60.00
Senior/Master Men   Senior/Master Women  
  Men CAT 5* 175.00   Women CAT 5* 175.00
  Men CAT 4* 175.00   Women CAT 4* 175.00
  Men CAT 3* 175.00   Women CAT 3* 175.00
  Men CAT P-1-2* 175.00   Women CAT P-1-2* 175.00
Master Men   Master Women  
  Men 40-44 5 175.00   Women 40-44* 175.00
  Men 40-44 4* 175.00   Women 45-49* 175.00
  Men 40-44 P-1-2-3* 175.00   Women 50-54* 175.00
  Men 45-49 5 175.00   Women 55-59* 175.00
  Men 45-49 4* 175.00   Women 60-64* 175.00
  Men 45-49 1-2-3* 175.00   Women 65-69* 175.00
  Men 50-54 5 175.00   Women 70+* 175.00
  Men 50-54 4* 175.00 Other Women 175.00
  Men 50-54 1-2-3* 175.00   Women Retro 175.00
  Men 55-59 5 175.00   Women 19-39 e-Bike 175.00
  Men 55-59 4* 175.00   Women 40-99 e-Bike 175.00
  Men 55-59 1-2-3* 175.00   Women Single Speed 175.00
  Men 60-64 5 175.00 Paracycling WC 1-5 175.00
  Men 60-64 4* 175.00 Other  
  Men 60-64 1-2-3* 175.00   Tandems (each racer) 87.50
  Men 65-69 5 175.00   Hand Cycles 175.00
  Men 65-69 4* 175.00   T 1-2 175.00
  Men 65-69 1-2-3* 175.00   Recumbent 175.00
  Men 70-74* 175.00   Women Single Speed 175.00
  Men 75-79* 175.00   Paracycling WC 1-5 175.00
  Men 80+* 175.00   Men 40-99 e-Bike 175.00
Other Men      
  Men Retro 4-5 175.00 Para Cycling MC 1-5 175.00
  Men Retro 1-2-3 175.00 Men Single Speed 175.00
  Men 19-39 e-Bike 175.00   Men 40-99 e-Bike 175.00

* Rocky Mountain Road Cup eligible category

The above fees do not include any fees charged by Bikereg.com nor the entry fees for Cherry Creek State Park.

Confused by the categories? For an explanation click here.

Individual Races

Cost per individual race is 10.00 for under nineteen age categories,, and 40.00 for all other categories.

If you do not know which nights you will be able to race, you can sign up for our Show and Go and have the same start time each time you race.

If you want to ride the course twice (two bibs, two start times, two categories) pay only 8.00 in addition to your base registration fee.

No Annual USAC License

If you do not have an annual USAC license you may purchase a one day license for an additional 15.00. One Day licenses are only available for single race purchases.

If your annual USAC license is expired, you must renew your USAC license or you must purchase an experienced one day license directly from USAC at https://usacycling.org.


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The KHMTT allows you to race twice each night for a very low additional cost.

When registering to race twice, you need to consider the time you believe you will be able to complete the course during your first race of the night, time to recover, and time to make your way to the start line before you select your second race start time. The normal time is about an hour.

Because you need to determine in which order you want to race in each of your categories, and set your start times to be able to finish one race and start the next, you will not be assigned start times when you register but will be sent an email that will allow you to pick the order and start time for each of your races.

USAC rules state that each race must be in a different category, however if you are a CAT P-1-2-3 racer and do not want to race in a RETRO category you may race twice in the same category.

However for series points and reporting of race results to USAC your second race results will not be considered.


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The KHMTT series is now part of the Rocky Mountain Road Cup competition.

The Rocky Mountain Road Cup is a season-long points competition for individuals and teams that consists of road racing, time trials, criteriums and hill climbs held throughout Colorado in the the spring and summer. These races bring the joy, challenge and excitement of road events to riders of all ages and abilities.

Your overall standings in your category during the series will be counted in the Road Cup.

For more information, click here.


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E-bikes may be Class 1 only and must adhere to the following:

  • No throttle
  • Freely operable pedaling system: rear wheel drive train of pedals, crank, chain, and gear system.
  • 750 watt or less motor (manufacturer’s label of compliance is the minimum standard)
  • Motor engages only with pedaling
  • Motor assistance cut off at 20 mph (32 kmh)
  • A single battery
  • Limited start assist (no pedaling) up to 4 mph (6 kmh)

The e-bike should have a label on the frame indicating it is a class 1 e-bike showing the max wattage and speed (example: 350w 20 MPH) or the racer must be able to verify to the Chief Referee that the bike does conform to the above requirements. The Chief Referee will make the final decision on e-bike qualifications.

E-bikes must be pre-checked by the KHMTT mechanic next to the COBRAS tent before your first race.


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Full series registration will be available about 45 days before the start of the series.

Purchasing fewer races than the full series, Show and Go, and single races will be available about 10 days before the start of the series.

The registration process will enable you to select your approximate start time. You will be assigned the next available start time based on the time you selected during registration.

Start times will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Once your registration has been completed you will be notified by email, usually within 24 hours. Start times will also be posted here.

Be sure that your email and mailing addresses are correct on the registration form.

If you register 10 days before the start of the series your bib will be mailed to you if your USAC license is current.

If your bib is not mailed to you, your bib may be picked on race day after 3:15 PM at the Smoky Hill Parking Lot Pavilion.

Registration is available online up until 2:00 PM on race day. Online registration is smart phone friendly.


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License Requirements:

  • A current USA Cycling (USAC) or UCI racing license is required

Full Series or Multiple Race Purchases:

  • You must have a valid Annual USAC or UCI license

Single Race Purchases:

  • A valid USAC or UCI racing license is required

  • If you do not have an Annual USAC License:

    • If you have never held a USAC annual or UCI racing license you may purchase a one-day USAC license when you register

    • If you have an expired USAC license you must purchase an experience one-day USAC license on the USA Cycling website before you race


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Racers will be able to purchase a minimum of four races (or the number of races remaining in the series) starting about a week before the start of the series.

Example: after week one when there are six races remaining in the series, you may purchase four, five or six races. After week five when there are only two races left, you may purchase the two remaining races. Purchasing multiple races provides you with a set start time and bib number for all your races.


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For racers who do not know from week to week if they will be able to race but would like to reserve a start time for the complete series, you may purchase a Show and Go pass. (Available about 10 days before the start of the series.)

The cost to reserve your start time is 20.00. Once you pick up your bib at the park you can just show up at the start any week you choose and race.

Your credit card on file will be charged a discounted single race fee of 35.00 per race.

Race For Free! Be A VOLUNTEER

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The KHMTT has an exceptional safety record, thanks to our dedicated volunteers and supporters who assist racers, monitor motor vehicles, and direct traffic. We offer a variety of positions and the COBRAS will provide training and equipment for your success. (Race marshals must be at least 16 years old.)

There are three ways to participate:

  • Race free of charge in exchange for volunteer hours (“Race for Free”).
  • Work for a monetary stipend (“Paid”).
  • Volunteer without compensation.

If you choose Race for Free, volunteers are given either early race start times or late race start times depending on the shift you are assigned to.

We do our best to be sure you have plenty of time to marshal, warm up and race.

To receive more information and to sign up, click here


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You will be issued a bib number for the entire series for each category in which you are racing. Do not discard your bib after the first week – you will need it for all the races!

Your bib number corresponds to your start time. If later you decide to change your start time, you must come to the bib pickup table behind the Smoky Hill parking lot and exchange your bib for a new one that corresponds to your new start time. This is required if you only change your start time for a single week or the remaining races of the series.

Bibs are not transferable to another racer.

The race bib must be pinned correctly on the left side. If the bib number is obstructed by hair or otherwise hidden from the view of the spotter or timers, then you may not receive a time.

For correct placement and pinning information, click here.


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No time trial equipment is allowed.

Time trial equipment includes:

  • Aero bars
  • Wheel rims deeper than 50mm
  • Disk wheels
  • Aero helmets

Bicycle: The seat tube and down tube must be straight and the height to width of the tubes may not exceed a ratio of 1 to 2 compared to the top tube.

Skin suits and shoe covers are permitted.

The Chief Referee will make the final decision on all retro equipment and accessories.

Please be aware that the Retro categories are our most popular categories.  You are not required to race in a Retro category if you do not have a TT bike but can race in any category your USAC category qualifies for.


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Results are available on the KHMTT.com website as well as the usacycling.org website.

The KHMTT.com website provides the results for each week and consolidated results showing your results for each week.

Results on the KHMTT.com website are posted for your convenience, the results posted on the usacycling.org website are your official results.

For all race results click here.

The KHMTT has a series competition that all riders who are not racing using a One Day license qualify for.

You earn points each week you race based on the rank (place) you achieve each week.

For information about the KHMTT series points and awards, click here.



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Both tandem riders must register separately. Each rider will be charged half (87.50) of the total entry fee.


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Weather in Colorado can be windy, raining, sleeting, or snowing. Be prepared to ride in all conditions!

If the Chief Referee deems conditions to be unsafe on the day of the race, that day’s racing may be canceled or if conditions become unsafe during the race, the race may be suspended or canceled.

If a cancelation occurs:

  • No refunds will be made for canceled races except for single race purchases.
  • Race cancellation may not be determined until 3:00 PM or later on race day. We try to make a determination as early as possible, however weather conditions can change rapidly.
  • The KHMTT will attempt to notify all registered racers via email and will be posted on the KHMTT.com website.

This page constitutes the race flyer