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The KHMTT has been postponed

USA Cycling has suspended all event permits.

We agree with USA Cyclings decision. The safety and health of our members and participants come first.

We are currently working with Cherry Creek State Park to reschedule the series in the Fall right after Labor day.



The 2020 Series consists of seven (7) individual time trials on consecutive Wednesday evenings.

Permitted by USA Cycling – Permit:  2020-337

When: TBD
Where: Cherry Creek State Park, 4201 S. Parker Road Aurora, CO 80014
Time: First racer starts at 4:30 PM Final racer at approximately 7:20 PM

In the event that a race is canceled due to inclement weather, the makeup date will be TBD

The race series KHMTT is a fundraiser for the Cancer Fitness Institute in memory of Karen Hornbostel and BRAC.

Questions: Email: khmt[email protected]rascycling.org


Spring weather in Colorado can be windy, raining, sleeting or snowing. Be prepared to ride in all conditions! If the Chief Referee deems conditions to be unsafe on the day of the race, that day’s racing may be canceled. May 6 has been established as a makeup date, and no additional make-up days are available. All start times will remain in effect. No refunds will be made for canceled races. Race cancellation may not be determined until 3:00 PM or later on race day.  The KHMTT will attempt to notify you via email and text and will be posted on the BRAC website: www.coloradocycling.org

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Clear throughout the day.
4pm 70°F 4 mph
5pm 71°F 4 mph
6pm 71°F 4 mph
7pm 70°F 5 mph

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Clear throughout the day.
4pm 71°F 10 mph
5pm 70°F 11 mph
6pm 68°F 13 mph
7pm 66°F 12 mph
Cost, Categories and Race Groups

USA Cycling rules apply and a USAC license and BRAC membership are required if you reside in Colorado or Wyoming and you are registering for the series. Walk up (one day) registrations purchased on race day at the park may purchase a one-day USAC license and BRAC membership if you do not currently hold a current USAC license and/or BRAC membership.

See www.usacycling.org to purchase a USAC Road license and a BRAC membership.

The entry fee includes USAC and BRAC operational surcharges but does not include entry to the Park. 

Categories and series registration fee:

Category Price   Category Price
Men 9-10 $60   Women 9-10 $60
Men 11-12 $60   Women 11-12 $60
Men 13-14 $60   Women 13-14 $60
Men 15-16 $60   Women 15-16 $60
Men 17-18 $60   Women 17-18 $60
Men CAT 5 $170   Women CAT 5 $170
Men CAT 4 $170   Women CAT 4 $170
Men P-1-2-3 $170   Women P-1-2-3 $170
Men 40-44 $170   Women 40-44 $170
Men 45-49 4-5 $170   Women 45-49 $170
Men 45-49 1-2-3 $170   Women 50-54 $170
Men 50-54 4-5 $170   Women 55-59 $170
Men 50-54 1-2-3 $170   Women 60-64 $170
Men 55-59 4-5 $170   Women 65+ $170
Men 55-59 1-2-3 $170   Women Retro $170
Men 60-64 4-5 $170   Women Sgl Speed $170
Men 60-64 1-2-3 $170      
Men 65-69 4-5 $170   T 1-2 $170
Men 65-69 1-2-3 $170   MC 1-5 $170
Men 70-74 $170   WC 1-5 $170
Men 75+ $170   Hand Cycles $170
Men Retro 4-5 $170   Recumbent $170
Men Retro 1-2-3 $170   Tandems (each racer) $85
Men Sgl Speed $170      

By registering for the entire series, you will start at the same time each week and have the same riders in front of you and behind you. This is a great way to see how your fitness is progressing.

Race Twice: If you want to ride the course twice (two bibs, two start times, two categories) pay only $40 more ($210).

Purchasing fewer than seven races: Racers will be able to purchase a minimum of four races (or the number of races remaining in the series) after the first race of the series. Example: after week one when there are six races remaining in the series, you may purchase four, five or six races. After week five when there are only two races left, you may purchase the two remaining races. Purchasing multiple races provides you with a set start time and bib number for all your races.

Individual Races: If you can’t make it for the entire series, individual races may be purchased online via the KHMTT.com website or on race day at the park if available. Purchasing online allows you to pick your start time ahead of time. If the race is canceled due to weather, your purchase will be refunded. This only applies to the purchase of individual races. You may purchase an individual race on race day until 5:00 PM. This will allow you to see what start times are still available and reserve your start time with your purchase.

Cost per individual race is $10.00 for the under 19 age categories and $35.00 for all other categories.

Note that USAC Rule 1H4(c) allows riders to enter one-day time trial events in their category or a higher category at their discretion.

Show and Go: For racers who do not know from week to week if they will be able to race, but would like to reserve a start time for the complete series, you may purchase a Show and Go pass. The cost is $20. Once you sign a waiver and pick up your bib at the park you can just show up at the start time any week you choose to race. Your credit card on file will be charged $30 per race, a $5 discount from the walk up rate. Show and Go passes will be available online after March 6th.

USAT Members: USAC will provide USAT members a discounted USAC racing license for $49.  The KHMTT, working with USAC and BRAC are offering USAT members the ability to purchase a USAC racing license, BRAC membership and a KHMTT series entry for a total of $199.

Tandems: Both tandem riders must have a USAC license and BRAC membership, and both must sign releases. The indicated entry fee is for per individual. Each rider will be charged half ($85) of the total entry fee.

Retro Category: No time trial equipment is allowed. Time trial equipment includes aero bars, any rims deeper than 50mm, disk wheels, aero helmets, or flat tube frames. Skin suits and shoe covers are permitted. The Chief Referee will make the final decision on all retro equipment and accessories.

Race for Free!

Volunteer to be a race marshal.

Your ability to ride safely during the race depends on the many course marshals. Marshals are responsible for watching for vehicles on the course, pedestrian control and assisting other park users in reaching their destinations.

Race marshals must be at least 16 years old. Training will be provided by the COBRAS. The COBRAS will supply everything you need, including a race radio and vest.

Race marshals are given either early race start times or late race start times depending on the shift you are assigned to.  We do our best to be sure you have plenty of time to marshal, warm up and race.

To receive more information and to sign up, click here.

Never Raced Before?

KHMTT, COBRAS, and BRAC offer a very inexpensive way for cyclists who would like to try racing in a time trial but are intimidated or are concerned about the cost of entry.

As we all know, at the KHMTT we see racers with the top of the line bikes and gear racing, right alongside racers with low-cost road bikes and helmets, both having fun and challenging themselves. We also know the cost of your first race can add up, with a one-day USAC license and the race entry fee.

What the KHMTT offers the first-time racer is a low-cost entry fee ($20 covers everything) and we do our best to make the cyclists first race as unintimidating as possible with information on our web site, introductory email that explains all the steps and finally at the park we will take our time to explain everything the cyclists needs to know to successfully run their first race.

And if the cyclist decides they like racing, they can get their USAC license for $65 ($75 less their one-day license fee) and BRAC will waive their first year’s BRAC membership.

To receive more information and to sign up, click here.

Race Registration

Registration will be online at https://khmtt.com/registration/ On-site registration will also be available, however, to receive the best choice for a start time and to avoid long lines it is recommended that you register online before the start of the series. If registering on-site, be prepared to show proof of having your USAC license and BRAC membership.  USAC license and BRAC membership will be validated by KHMTT staff before your bib will be issued.

The registration process will enable you to select your approximate start time. You will be assigned the next available start time based on the time you selected during registration. Start times will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Once your registration has been completed you will be notified by email, usually within 24 hours. Start times will also be posted at https://khmtt.com/start-list/

Be sure that your email and mailing addresses are correct on the USAC registration form.

Bibs may be picked on race day beginning at 3:30 PM at the Smoky Hill Parking Lot Pavilion.


You will be issued a bib number for the entire series for each category in which you are racing. Do not discard your bib after the first week – you will need it for all the races! Racing bibs are not transferable to another racer. The race bib must be pinned correctly on the left side. If the bib number is obstructed by hair or otherwise hidden from the view of the spotter or timers, then you may not receive a time and any protest is invalid.

Rules to Follow

All USAC rules apply, including strict adherence to the center line rule. All riders must ride to the right unless passing another rider.

In the Tower Loop turn, riders must move left and stay in the lane designed for racers. Failure to do so can result in a violation of the center line rule.

All racers must follow all State and park vehicle laws. Failure to do so can result in a disqualification.

Helmets must be worn at all times when on a moving bicycle.

USAC Rule 3E5(a): All riders are required to report to the start house 3 minutes prior to their appointed start time.

Junior (Under 19 Categories) racers

USAC RULE 1I4. Youth/Junior Gears:  All juniors are gear restricted. KHMTT will use the “roll-out method” at the start for all juniors, which limits a top gear to 26’-0”. Juniors please report a few minutes early to the start to ensure that you can be rolled-out in time to make your start time.   Additional information may be found at  http://www.usacycling.org/usa-cycling-rule-book.htm  Chapter 1 General Regulations.


USAC RULE 1I5. Young Junior/Youth Bicycles:  All riders aged 14 and under are restricted to massed start bicycles as defined in 1I1(g). These bicycles must also have wheels with at least 16 spokes and no wheel covers may be used.

Green Mountain Sports personnel will be available to make gear adjustments in the Smoky Hill Parking Lot near the registration table. Please note that electronic shifting cannot be adjusted.

Race Course and Start Information

The races are held on completely open roads at Cherry Creek State Park and feature fast turns, rolling terrain, and a long straight uphill near the finish, then a quick downhill to the line.

The start line is near the Pelican Point parking area and restrooms, about .7 miles from the Smoky Hill Picnic Area.

Do not warm-up in the area near the boat ramp as the Park does not permit bicycle use of that lot. Please do not warm up or cool down on the course. Violation can result in a DQ.

Start times will be at 20 second intervals – be at the Start Line 3 minutes before you are scheduled to ride!

The “Official” start time is as determined by the Chief Referee. Do not rely on the time shown on your cell phone – it may not be the “official” time. Check the COBRAS clocks when you arrive.

Mechanical Support

On-site mechanical support will be provided by Green Mountain Sports.

Cherry Creek State Park

We are guests at CCSP so please act accordingly. You must enter the Park through the East Gate. This entrance is located on Parker Road, approximately 1-mile south of the intersection with I-225. Racers may not drive through any other entrance. Single day entrance fee is $11.00. An annual pass (which includes all State Parks) costs $83.00. For more information regarding the cost and purchasing Annual State Park from the State of Colorado please visit:


It is illegal to park on the shoulder or on the grass in the State Park. Please only park in the Smoky Hill Parking lot.

 All racers and spectators must obey all state and park laws and rules at all times while in the park. Violations can result in a disqualification.


For the safety of the racers, and as a courtesy to other park users, all spectators are only allowed at the intersection of the Swim Beach Access Road (entrance road to the Smoky Hill Parking area) and Tower Loop Road (proceed left out of the Smoky Hill Parking area).

Special Needs Racers (Escorts)

If a racer requires an escort on the course during the race, the escort must check in at the registration table and will be issued an orange vest (if available) that must be worn while on the course. The escort must ride behind the racer and may not ride in front or beside the racer.  Violation of this policy will result in the racer being disqualified. Please note that the KHMTT has a limited number of orange vests. It would be advisable that if you have a number of racers who require an escort that you provide your own vests.  

Getting There

Getting to Cherry Creek State Park during the evening rush hour from I-225 can be a challenge.

If you drive to the park, you must enter from the east, using the east gate off of Parker Road. If you enter from the west, you will be driving on the course, which presents a hazard to racers currently on the course, so please don’t.

It is illegal to park on the shoulder or on the grass in the State Park. Please only park in the Smoky Hill Parking lot.

There is parking on the west outside of the park at the Village Greens Park off of East Union Ave. You can park there and ride your bike into the park. From the Village Green Park please take the Cherry Creek Trail to the Colorado Front Range Trail to enter the park to avoid riding your bike on the course during the race. 

Another alternative is to use the RTD light rail. The Nine Mile station on the H line and R lines stops just outside the park and you can ride your bike from the station to the Smoky Hill parking area in under 15 minutes. This option is highly recommended. If you take the RTD, you may show your RTD ticket at the COBRAS tent and we will allow you to use one of our trainers.

Results and Awards

The points (see points schedule below) from each riders’ top 6 results are counted towards an overall title in each category.

In the event of a tie, we will use the placing from the last event in the Series to determine overall results.

In the event of a cancellation, the number of events that count for the overall may change.

If there are 10 or more entrants in a category, medals will be awarded to the top three in that category. If less than 10 racers, then only the top finisher will receive a medal. The exception will be all under 19 age groups, where the top 3 finishers in each age group will receive a medal.

Medals will be mailed out a few weeks after the completion of the last race of the series.

Place Points   Place Points
1 26   11 10
2 23   12 9
3 21   13 8
4 19   14 7
5 17   15 6
6 15   16 5
7 14   17 4
8 13   18 3
9 12   19 2
10 11   20 1

Please note that when racing using a USAC One Day license, your race will not count towards points. 

Unofficial series standing are available on the KHMTT web site at https://khmtt.com/series-ranking/

The Course

Elevation Profile:

Course Map:

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