Bicycle Colorado

Bicycle Colorado has been working for 32+ years to make cycling safer for everyone in the state. BC was instrumental in passing laws that require 3 Feet to Pass, allow for the safety stop, and we worked to create policy that allowed for bike events and businesses to remain active during the Covid shutdown. Our current initiative is stronger laws surrounding distracted driving. For a list of BC’s accomplishments, please see BC’s Vision and Mission Page.

BC supports competitive and non-competitive events throughout Colorado.

Bicycle Colorado:

  • Created a paired membership with USAC, which saved athletes $40 in 2023!

  • Structures the racing calendars

  • Assists with race registration data and results upload

  • Supports the local collegiate cycling conference

  • Supports events directors in their interactions with cities, parks, police and insurance

  • Offers a ‘Race Kit’ of supplies to event directors

  • Provides marketing support for events and venues

  • Manages season-long Cup points competitions

  • Assigns race officials

  • Provides an Officials Program that supports certification and continued education

Our goal is for local events to be safe, sustainable and accessible to all who want to participate. It is our intention to connect BC’s advocacy work to event participants so that events, riders, and stakeholders can all benefit from a larger Colorado cycling community.

“The COBRAS are very grateful to Bicycle Colorado, as they are not only a force to make cycling safer in Colorado, but they also support bicycle racing events and have for years.”
Larry Potter, COBRAS, Race Organizer – Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series

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