Show and Go!


“Show and Go” allows you to reserve a start time for the remainder of the series, then on nights you want to race, just show up at the start line and go!

How it works:

  • You register for Show and Go
  • Select your start time
  • Pay the 20.00 (25.00 for two races per night) start time reserve fee via credit card
  • The first night you race, come by the registration table and pick up your bib.
  • Go to the start line and race!
  • When you want to race again, just show up at the start line and race!

We will charge your credit card on file after you race each week:

  • Single race each night 35.00 (Walk-up fee is 40.00)
  • Two Races each night 43.00 (Walk-up fee is 48.00)

Note: we do NOT keep your credit card information on our website, it is maintained by our credit card processor. We only keep a “token” that must be associated with our merchant account that is used to identify you to our credit card processor.


  • You keep your start time (and bib) for the complete series
  • You race only on the nights you want, no commitments​
  • Simple, easy and flexible!


  • No Refunds
  • If your credit card is not honored for any race, you will be notified. Until a new, valid credit card is processed, your start time will be suspended, and any race not paid for, the result will be deleted
  • This program is not available for junior categories
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