KHMTT Volunteer Quiz


The COBRAS and the KHMTT take your safety, the safety of the racers, and all other park users very seriously. The following ten-question quiz will help you to review some of the most important volunteer duties and information you need to know regardless of what position you are assigned to.  A passing score is 100%.

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Correct answers will show green borders after you answer the question.

Good Luck!



#1. When I arrive at the park for my shift:

#2. I can leave my assigned position when:

#3. Can I pull my car off the road and park anywhere near my position?

#4. Do I need to point in the direction of the race for the racers?

#5. Do I have any control over traffic?

#6. Each position has its idiosyncrasies, can I call the Volunteer Coordinator on the radio for help?

#7. How should I identify myself and my problem on the radio?

#8. If I’m going to be late to my position, what should I do?

#9. If I see an accident involving a car, racer or pedestrian should I call 911?

#10. What if I can’t reach the Volunteer Coordinator by radio?

#11. What do I do with my radio?

#12. If I have to miss a week because of work, travel or other situation letting the Volunteer Coordinator know the day of a race is OK, right?

#13. The shift and position I just selected will be assigned me, right?

#14. Will I have the same shift and position each week?