Understanding the KHMTT Race Categories

The basic categories used by the KHMTT are:

  • Men/Women Juniors (Ages 9 – 17)
  • Men/Women Cat 5 (beginners)
  • Men/Women Cat 4
  • Men/Women Pro-1-2-3
  • Men/Women Age Groups (Age 40 and up)
  • Men/Women Retro Cat 4/5
  • Men/Women Retro Cat Pro-1-2-3
  • Men/Women Single Speed
  • Men and Women EBike
  • Tandems
  • Hand Cycles
  • Recumbent
  • eBike
  • Para Cycling

If you are under 19 you would normally register in a junior age group. 

Anyone over 18 may race in a special equipment category such as Retro, Single Speed, Tandem, Hand Cycles, eBike, or Recumbent.

Any rider may race in a category that the rider is qualified for (CAT Pro, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5). Your USAC license will show you what category you would race in. Normally a beginner would race in CAT 5 (beginner) category. 

If you are 40 or older, you have the choice of racing in a CAT category or an age group (with a combination of age group and category).

Do I have to race in the category that is on my USAC license?

No. USAC rules specify that riders may choose to enter individual time trials in their proper category or any higher category, but not a lower category. That means if you are a CAT 4 racer, you may not race in a CAT 5 (lower) category,  however you may race in a higher category such as CAT 3.

Why would you do that? The KHMTT allows you as an option to race twice at a low cost. Each race should be in a separate category. So if you are 25 and a CAT 4, you could race once in that category and a second time in the P-1-2-3 category. For any age, your second race could be in the Retro, Single Speed, Tandem or Recumbent categories as well. Note: if you were to race twice in the same category you will receive time for your second race however it will not be reported to USAC.

Several new racers prefer the Retro category as the equipment is limited, as no time trial equipment is allowed including aero bars, any rims deeper than 50mm, disk wheels, aero helmets, or flat tube frames. Or in other words, just a plain road bike.

However, the other thing to note in this category is that when it comes to age and ability, it’s a free for all. If you have the correct bike and equipment, you can race in this category, regardless of age. To make this category competitive, the KHMTT separates the RETRO category into three groups, Men Retro CAT 4/5, Men Retro CAT 1-2-3, and Women Retro.

So, what category should you race in?

Most cyclists race in the category on their USAC license if under 40. Over 40 riders race in their USAC category within their age group. 

If you are new to the sport, you should race in the CAT 5 category.