Cancer Fitness Institute and Defer the Disease

We are pleased to announce that the Cancer Fitness Institute is now under the management of Defer the Disease (DTD). DTD’s mission to reduce limitations and improve quality of life for individuals with chronic conditions aligns perfectly with the goals of the Cancer Fitness Institute. We confident that under DTD’s leadership, the Cancer Fitness Institute will continue to provide valuable support and resources to cancer patients and survivors.

Here are some specific ways that DTD can help the Cancer Fitness Institute achieve its mission:

  • Expand access to exercise programs: DTD has a network of community centers and fitness facilities across the country, which can be used to provide cancer patients and survivors with access to safe and effective exercise programs.
  • Provide personalized support: DTD’s team of health and wellness experts can provide cancer patients and survivors with individualized support to help them develop and maintain an exercise program that meets their needs.
  • Promote research and education: DTD can support research on the benefits of exercise for cancer patients and survivors, and can also educate the public about the importance of exercise for overall health and well-being.

We believe that the partnership between the Cancer Fitness Institute and DTD will be a valuable asset to cancer patients and survivors across the country and as such the KHMTT will continue to contribute a portion of the proceeds from the series to Defer the Disease.

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