Cancer Fitness Institute and Defer the Disease

In the past the KHMTT has donated funds every year to the Cancer Fitness Institute in memory of Karen Hornbostel, and we are continuing to do so.

In 2023, the Cancer Fitness Institute transitioned its oversight of CancerFit, the founding program Karen created, into a new Non-Profit organization called Defer the Disease Inc (DTD).

DTD has an expanded mission to serve a broad range of chronic conditions including Parkinson’s Disease and Neurological conditions (NeuroFit) to Cardiovascular, Metabolic, & Respiratory Conditions (VitallyFit).

This organization is managed by Tami Schlieman, to whom Karen was a friend and mentor.

Tami is also an exercise physiologist and founded this organization to carry on Karen’s legacy and mission, which was to help bring health and hope to individuals afflicted with chronic conditions through physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

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